12x15 Water to Air Heat Exchanger
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12x15 Finned Coil Water to Air Heat Exchanger


Finned Coil Water to Air Heat exchangers can be used for many heating and cooling applications in both existing and retrofit residential and light commercial construction, including:

  • Forced air heating: indoor/outdoor furnaces, boilers, stoves
  • Chilled water cooling
  • Dehumidification
  • Liquid to air and air to liquid heat transfer in light industrial and commercial applications, etc.


Technical Specifications:


Water to Air Heat Exchanger dimensions and technical specifications (pdf)

  • Coil area: 12x15 inches
  • Manifold inlet & outlet connections: 1" copper sweat (1-1/8" O.D.)
  • Coil tube: 3/8" seamless copper tubing
  • Casing: 18 gauge galvanized steel
  • Fins: 12 fins per inch, aluminum
  • Max operating temperature: 350 deg F
  • Max operating pressure: 360 psi