Brazetek Heat Exchanger Applications by Industry

Beer and Wort Chilling

Wort Plate Chillers & Beer Brewing

It is well known among Master Brewers that brewing beer is a very delicate process. Most will agree that it is even more so than making wine. A disruption in any of the steps of the brewing process of the wort or unfermented beer, will significantly influence the final taste of the beer. Therefore, choosing the right wort plate chiller is one of the most important decisions when it comes to brewing your beer. Brazetek offers top-quality 3"x8" wort-plate chillers made with 316L stainless steel in many sizes to meet any size project requirements.

Water to Air heat exchanger for outdoor wood furnace

Indoor & Outdoor Wood Furnace, Boiler and Stove Heat Exchangers

Water To Air Heat Exchangers

The hot water produced by an indoor or an outdoor wood or pellet burning furnace can be efficiently used in conjunction with an existing indoor air furnace to create a simple and cost effective forced air heating system. A water to air heat exchanger is installed directly into the plenum with supply and return lines connected, allowing the hot water to run through the coil, while furnace forces the air through the heat exchanger, allowing it to reach a desired temperature and create a comfortable atmosphere in the building. To create an independent, point-of-use hot water unit heater, water to air heat exchangers can also be installed suspended from a ceiling, with appropriate size fan or blower attached.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (Water to Water)

A brazed plate heat exchanger (water to water heat exchanger) can be used with both indoor and outdoor wood boilers to create a low cost domestic hot water heating system. Since boiler water cannot be used for potable applications, installing a boiler heat exchanger allows to separate the two mediums without the risk of cross-contamination. A domestic hot water storage tank is commonly installed to store the heated domestic water for future use.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

A low-cost heat produced by an outdoor wood boiler can be utilized in a number of ways other then home heating. Swimming pool heating is the most common application where stainless steel shell and tube heat exchangers are used. Fully welded construction of these units offers more protection against corrosion then any other heat exchanger on the market today. Large inlet and outlet connections (up to 2-1/2") allow for high flow rates with little pressure drop and are ideally suited for swimming pool heating.

Brazed plate heat exchangers for SVO, WVO, Biodiesel

Biodiesel, SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil), WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil)

The industry of production of biodiesel fuel from waste vegetable oil (WVO) is constantly growing and developing and Brazetek has the right brazed plate heat exchanger for the application. Since one of the major tasks in creating biodiesel is pre-heating the oil to reduce it’s viscosity, a heat exchanger allows to effectively isolate the oil from the heating liquid.
Brazed plate heat exchanger application - domestic hot water heating

Domestic Hot Water Heating

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

A brazed plate heat exchanger from Brazetek offers effective means of heating water for domestic use by exchanging heat with boiler water, water from a solar system or many others. The maximum efficiency of a heat exchanger is achieved when plumbing both liquids to flow in counter current directions.

Air to Water Heat Exchangers

Applications that produce excess heat which is often discharged in the atmosphere, allow for the installation of an air to water heat exchanger in the duct system, which can extract the heat from hot air and use it to heat the water that runs through the heat exchanger’s coil. The hot water produced is commonly stored in an insulated tank for future use.

Brazed plate heat exchanger applications - Marine

Marine Applications

Brazetek heat exchangers are well suited for a wide range of marine applications, including lubricating, transmission & compressor oil cooling as well as lubricating oil, heavy oil and diesel fuel pre-heating.

Brazed plate heat exchangers for radiant heating

Radiant Floor Heating

When application requires use of a traditional storage type water heater or an instantaneous (tankless) water heater for radiant heating applications, a brazed plate heat exchanger provides safe and efficient means of heat transfer, separating heating and domestic hot water systems. Similarly, select types of radiant heating systems may contain a mixture of propylene glycol, used as antifreeze, with water, which is cannot be mixed with neither domestic water nor boiler water. A brazed plate heat exchanger helps to separate the media, creating a safe environment for the heat transfer process to occur.

Brazed plate heat exchangers for ice and snow melt

Ice & Snow Melting

Ice and snow melting systems are designed with antifreeze added to the water, to prevent the mixture from freezing in periods when system is not in use. The content of antifreeze may be as great as 50% depending on the location and system design. Regardless of the system type, this mixture must never interfere with boiler water, or domestic water – whichever is used for heating the snow melt system liquid. By installing a brazed plate heat exchanger (liquid to liquid heat exchanger), it is possible to separate the two liquids, preventing cross-contamination. In boiler water to glycol systems, the heat exchanger also serves as an oxygen barrier for the boiler loop, preventing corrosion of cast iron parts in the system, such as circulators and boiler’s heating elements.

Heat Exchanger applications - Solar heating

Solar Heating

Similar to snow melting systems, solar systems often contain a mixture of water with antifreeze, such as propylene glycol, which purpose is to prevent system water from freezing during downtimes, or when system is not in use. During peak solar activity periods, when system operates at its’ maximum capacity, solar loop temperature and pressure greatly exceed the maximum allowed for domestic and radiant systems. To maximize the use of energy produced by a solar collector system and safely isolate the solar system loop from systems such as domestic water, radiant heating, pool/spa water and others, a brazed plate heat exchanger is used, allowing two liquids to exchange heat in an efficient manner.

Brazed plate heat exchangers for swimming pools, hot tubs and spas

Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Spas

ST series stainless steel Brazetek swimming pool heat exchangers can be used for hot tub, spa or swimming pool heating even with presence of chlorine in the water. A fully welded, all-316L stainless steel construction is designed to withstand a number of chemically aggressive environments, including that of a chlorinated pool water.

Water to Air Heat Exchangers in Forced Air Heating and Cooling Applications

Forced Air Heating & Cooling

Water to air heat exchangers by Brazetek can be used for a wide array of forced air heating and cooling applications. The heat exchanger can be implemented into existing ductwork, a plenum of the furnace or can be stand alone if used for suspended space heating applications. Running chilled water through the heat exchanger’s coil in conjunction with a forced air fan or blower can help create a refrigerant-free & environmentally friendly forced air cooling system. Running hot water from a boiler, water heater or other source allows to create a simple and cost-effective forced air heating system.

Water to Air Heat Exchangers as suspended space heaters (garage/shop heaters)

Suspended Space Heaters

Water to air heat exchangers by Brazetek, in combination with a forced air fan or a blower, offer a great alternative to costly and high-maintenance unit heaters. Creating a perfect garage, workshop or a warehouse space heater is often as easy as attaching a fan to the heat exchanger and connecting a hot water supply. Systems that utilize hot water produced by solar power or by burning wood or pellets can enjoy even a greater efficiency with a minimal investment.


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