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2400K BTU 316L Stainless Steel Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Technical Specifications:
Tube Side Connections (Straight-Through/Boiler): 2" FNPT
Shell Side Connections (Side Outlets/Pool): 4" FNPT
Operating Temperature Range: 18°F - 248°F
Max. Operating Pressure: 190 psi
Number of tubes: 100
Surface area (heat transfer area): 4.47 sq.m. or  48.11 sq.ft.
Dimensions: 40" x 8" x 11",   Weight: 52 lbs

For use as a pool heat exchanger (as well as for hot tubs & spas), see
Quick Sizing - Swimming Pool Heating Applications
For other heat exchange applications, contact Technical Support

Hot Tub/Spa/Swimming Pool Heating
Outdoor Wood Boilers, Furnaces, Stoves
Radiant Heating
Solar Heating
Snow Melting
Oil Cooling
Heat Recovery
Gravity Feed
Other liquid to liquid and water to water heat exchange applications

AISI 316L stainless steel offers superior corrosion resistance
Fully welded construction ensures long-lasting performance
Helically wound tubes optimize heat transfer
Large inlet/outlet ports allow for high flow rates with minimal restriction