Brazed plate heat exchangers in Radiant Floor Heating

The efficient and compact brazed heat exchangers offer the easiest way to supply warm water to the hydronic radiant floor heating system. As, the price of gas and electricity is continuously increasing, hence heating the house particularly, if the cold climate is a good part of the year can get very expensive. Not only this, the requirement for vent can make keeping furniture difficult, ruining the arrangement of the room looks aesthetic. Focusing on the health part, using fans for forced air system blowing air around the house, also blows around the allergens, odors and dust.

Brazed heat exchangers are the kind of frame and plate heat exchanger that is being brazed for reducing leaks in a vacuum furnace. The procedure of melting the metal layers that are being used for fusing together the fitting plates that are close, hence making a sandwich of various layers is known as brazing. The final result is a powerful component engineered for transfer of heat, once the bonding metal is cooled down. The work of the braze heat exchanger is to conduct the heat that is not wanted via different layers of metal encased in a vacuum furnace and thus heat is released into a permissible area.

radiant floor heating systemRadiant floor heating is the system of circulating hot water via pipes present beneath the floor-heat is being radiated upwards, hence having a feeling much more like as if standing in the sun on a hot day. It warms the room’s interior surface instead of the air. There are no vents, radiators or heaters to work around; hence you can place your furniture anywhere you wish. It will also save your costs of energy to about 20 to 30%. And there are no problems of dust and allergens to blow around for creating problems of health. Brazed heat exchangers allow to warm the radiant floor water not directly from a central heating boiler.

There are few advantages of brazed heat exchangers and they are as follows:

- First is that they have a high turbulent flow that helps in reducing the maintenance and deposit build-up.

- Second is that they are lightweight and compact. As, it has small footprint it is easy to be installed in places where there is a space limitation.

- Third is due to the high rate flow of the radiant flow water passing via boiler water and shell via the tubes, there is an achievement for low pressure drop.

- These exchangers are perfect for hydronic systems such as radiant floor heating, spas, domestic hot water, swimming pools and ice and snow melting.

- They are obtainable in chevron patterns and plate configurations that will suit to your requirements.

- Easy choice based on radiant floor area.