How to choose Heat Exchanger for Koi Fish Pond?

Koi fish ponds are beautiful to look at, yet can be expensive to maintain. Therefore, you want to make sure you do everything you can to protect the integrity of your Koi fish pond. It is essential that the heat exchanger for your Koi fish pond has nickel brazing in order to avoid copper toxicity in your Koi fish. Brazetek plans to offer nickel brazed heat exchangers within the next few months.

What is copper poisoning in Koi fish?

Copper is a heavy metal, much like iron and lead. Copper affects all fish negatively particularly Koi fish as they accumulate this metal in their systems. Copper can affect the sense of smell in all types of fish even as low as three parts per billion (ppb). The accumulation of copper in their system ends up being fatal to the Koi fish. This can occur in a matter of hours! Therefore, it is vital to be aware that the water in your Koi fish pond is right at all times.

There are various test kits available to test the water as a visual inspection or checking for smells will not confirm the safety of the water in the Koi fish pond.

How to keep your Koi fish safe and warm?

Although Koi fish are generally low maintenance pets, careful monitoring of the water in your Koi fish pond for copper can help prevent damage or death to your Koi fish.

There are various ways to keep your Koi fish safe from toxins in the water while maintaining the right water temperature in the pond. It is essential that you check the water on a regular basis. Experts also recommend that you be aware of your water source as that will affect the quality of the water in you Koi fish pond. It is equally important that you use proper heating equipment for your Koi fish pond such as a nickel brazed heat exchanger.

Should your Koi fish become diseased you will need to continually test copper levels in the water while treating your fish. Additionally, it’s best to avoid copper decorations in your Koi fish pond because over time they will excrete small amounts of the metal into the water.