Wort Cooling Systems

Wort cooling systems are employed to bring the wort to a temperature suitable for fermentation. Closed systems with plate heat exchangers have been used for several decades to prevent the danger of infection and energy loss.

Wort cooling systems extract heat from the wort and generate hot water, brine, and propylene glycol solutions, as well as direct expansion of ammonia.

Wort coolers can be classified into: single stage (chilled water only) or multiple stage (ambient water, brine).

Dimensions of the wort cooler depend on the amount of hot water required in the brewery for the needed fermentation temperature.

The cooling process is quite simple. Wort enters the heat exchanger and cools to a pitching temperature.

Heat exchangers require scheduled cleaning and proper maintenance for optimal heat transfer. The wort should be properly clarified before entering the cooler to reduce fouling.