Plate Heat Exchangers

Transfer of heat in plate heat exchangers is carried out from the hot heat-carrier to the cold (heated up) environment through the steel corrugated plates which are established in a frame and are pulled together in a package.

In the course of heat exchange liquids are moving towards each other in a countercurrent direction. In places of their possible overflowing is either a steel plate, or double rubber consolidation that practically excludes mixture of liquids. All plates in a package of the plate heat exchanger are identical, only are turned one for another on 180 °, therefore at tightening of a package of plates channels on which the liquids participating in heat exchange proceed are formed. Such installation of plates provides alternation of hot and cold channels. The kind of corrugation pattern of plates and their quantity established in a frame, depend on operational requirements to the plate heat exchanger.


Used in various liquid and gaseous environments.


Are effective in the technological processes using nonaggressive liquids without mechanical impurity. Brazed plate heat exchangers offer compactness, absence of leakages and stability to loadings, low cost, does not demand service.


Multifunctional design allows to use welded plate heat exchangers in the majority of the processes connected with oil refining and gas.