Advantages of brazed heat exchangers

Brazed plate heat exchangers are applied when the installation of other types of heat exchangers is impossible or undesired. Brazed plate heat exchangers possess wider range of operating temperatures and pressure. Brazed plate heat exchangers are successfully applied many years in various industries.

The technology of production of brazed plate heat exchangers is constantly improved since their occurrence. Assembled plates pack is soldered with copper or nickel in vacuum furnace. At the same time total heat exchanger tightness and reliable division of flows is guaranteed. Absence of sealing allows to reach high values of working pressure and temperatures.

Corrugated surfaces of plates forming channels, promote turbulent flows which defines a high efficiency of heat transfer even with low flows. Big flows turbulence as well is the reason of brightly expressed effect of self-cleaning of heat exchange surfaces. During heat transfer practically all area of plates of brazed plate heat exchangers participates, therefore they are extremely compact and profitable at the price of.


Design features and advantages of brazed plate heat exchangers:

- High reliability caused by design features and high technologies of manufacturing;

- High efficiency;

- Wide range of operating temperature;

- High working pressure;

- High corrosion stability;

- Compactness and small weight;

- Small internal space;

- Wide power range and overall dimensions;

- Presence of various variants of connections and flows outlines;

- Wide range of accessories;

- Simplicity of installation and service;

- Low cost.