Types of plates used in heat exchangers

Besides the dimensions of the plates, the type of corrugation also affects the thermal performance of the brazed plate heat exchanger.

heat exchanger plate pattern

Short duty plates - the angle of shevrons (embossing) is low

Also known as soft plates, they offer a combination of higher flow rate, lower heat transfer coefficient and lower pressure drop. These plates are usually wide and short in length; used for general duties.

Long duty plates - the angle of shevrons (embossing) is high

Also known as hard plates, they provide a high heat transfer coefficient, but also higher pressure drop and lower flow rates. These plates are usually narrow and long and are used when temperature approach is small so as to achieve high heat recovery.

Medium duty plates - with intermediate properties and angles of chevrons.

Generally, a mixed pack of the above types of plates is used to match both the heat transfer and pressure drop requirements.