Finned Coil Heat Exchangers (Water to Air Heat Exchangers)

Brazetek offers a wide selection of standard size finned coil heat exchangers (water to air heat exchangers) with sizes 12” x 12" and above. These units are most commonly used for forced air heating and cooling systems, such as with indoor and outdoor wood furnaces, boilers, stoves and many others. Brazetek water to air heat exchangers are also suitable for liquid cooling applications and a number of other liquid to air and air to liquid heat transfer applications where liquid temperature does not exceed 350F and operating pressure is at or below 360 psi. 1" sweat inlet/outlet connections are standard on all models.
Water to air heat exchanger technology Technology:

A typical water to air heat exchanger manufactured by Brazetek consists of 1 supply and 1 return copper manifolds with smaller diameter copper tube coils running from side to side on the heat exchanger. The tube coils are accompanied by aluminum fins, which purpose is to maximize heat transfer between water and air mediums. The structure is encased in a metal frame to reinforce the construction of the air to water heat exchanger. As hot water or other suitable solution enters the supply manifold of the water to air heat exchanger, it is separated into the tube coils, which carry it throughout the heat exchanger to the return heat exchanger. The heat from the water is dissipated into the surrounding environment thought the copper tube walls with the help of the aluminum fins which are permanently attached to the copper tube coils. Once air passes though the heat exchanger, its’ temperature is increased. The process is similar with cold water or other cooling liquid when the heat exchanger is used for cooling applications. If heat exchanger is used for the purpose of heating or cooling the liquid using the temperature of the air that passes through the finned coil heat exchanger, the reverse thermal exchange process occurs. In this scenario, the unit is used as an air to water heat exchanger.

Water to Air heat exchanger plate fins Design:

Essentially, the water to air heat exchangers produced by Brazetek are radiators with enhanced thermal exchange properties. Aside from temperatures and flow rates of the air and water mediums and the size of the water to air heat exchanger, the two most important factors that determine the heat exchange rate are aluminum fins and the copper tube coils.

The material type, design and thickness of the plate fins directly affects the air flow patterns and its’ pressure drop characteristics as well as the rate of heat transfer. Brazetek uses aluminum for fin material, which is more expensive than steel (used by many manufacturers), but has a much higher heat conductivity. Brazetek assures that the plate fins are of a proper thickness, spaced at a proper distance and are corrugated in a way to allow for the optimal heat exchange between the water/liquid and air to occur.

The design of copper tube coils which carry the water/liquid throughout the water to air heat exchanger directly affects the liquid flow characteristics and the integrity of the unit throughout its life span. Brazetek tops the competition in the industry by using straight seamless tubes with brazed-on U-bends instead of a continuous piece of seam-welded copper tube bent at 180 degrees. It is widely known that when bent 180 degrees at small radii, copper pipe deforms, creating a less stable point with restricted flow. Brazetek water to air heat exchangers are 100% free from such flaws.

An important factor that determines the heat transfer efficiency is not only the tube coils themselves, but the manner in which they are routed back and forth through the heat exchanger. Improper routing of tubes may result in uneven heat distribution, and consequentially, lower heat transfer properties. Brazetek insures that all of its air to water heat exchangers, regardless of their size, have coil tubes routed in a way that will help to achieve maximum heat transfer between the mediums.

At the final stage of the manufacturing process, all Brazetek air to water heat exchangers go though a strict quality control and a high pressure leak test to assure quality and long-lasting performance.

Water to Air Heat Exchanger Features Features:
  • 99.9% Pure, Seamless Copper
  • Corrugated Aluminum Plate Fins
  • Heavy-duty 18-gauge Galvanized Steel Casing
  • 1” Sweat Copper Inlet/Outlet Standard on All Models
Water to air heat exchanger application - outdoor wood furnace Applications:
  • Residential and light commercial buildings
  • Forced air heating and cooling (liquid or water to air heat transfer applications)
  • Liquid chilling (air to water or liquid heat transfer applications)
  • Outdoor wood furnaces, boilers, stoves
  • Garage heaters
  • Auxiliary heating or cooling
  • And many others with liquid to air or air to liquid heat transfer applications